Workout 2

Workout developed by UW-Green Bay Kress Events Center personal trainer, Alexandra ‘Lexie’ Rae Weber.

Warm Up Exercises (45 sec. each)

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Walking lunges
  • Side to side squats
  • Plank walks (plank position, walking 4 steps to each side; keep your butt down, core tight)
  • Mountain climbers (plank position and run; keep your butt down)

Circuit 1 – Strength

  • Lat pull down
  • Chest press
  • Seated row
  • Shoulder press
  • Hamstring curl, glute blaster, abductor, adductor (do all exercises 10x on each leg)
  • Knee up leg extension
  • Squats
  • Wall squat with ball, bicep curl (squat with hands by sides, curl weight as you stand up out of squat)

Circuit 2 (one minute each)

  • Single arm lat pull down with twist (sit on seat, pull weight down and twist; 30 sec each side)
  • Standing chest press (one leg on floor; 30 sec each side)
  • Standing single arm, single leg row with twist (right foot up when rowing with right arm, twist as you pull weight to your side)
  • Standing shoulder press (come down in squatting position and press weight straight up)
  • Hamstring curl, glute blaster, abductor, adductor (do all exercises 10x on each leg)
  • Bicycle backwards
  • Jumping squats (do as many as you can; if you need to take a break, do regular squats)
  • Wall squat with ball, bicep curl

Timed Exercises (1 minute each)

  • Step ups (tall bench- reach up with opposite arm and bring knee as high up as you can, really feel it in your core)
  • Jump rope
  • Lunge with twist (using medicine ball- ball at shoulder height, arms straight; twist in direction your lunging i.e. right leg forward= twist to right side)
  • Bridge
  • Up and downs
  • Push ups

Abs (30 seconds each)

  • Crunches on ball
  • Jack knife (plank position with legs on ball, pull knees to chest)
  • Ball hand offs (lie on back and hand the ball off from your hands to your feet)
  • Russian twist (sit on floor and hold medicine ball; feet on the floor makes it easier, lifted off the floor is more difficult; touch ball side to side)

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