Kimberly Vlies

Miller Electric Mfg. Website

With Miller Electric, I learned quickly that my designs needed to consistently reflect the corporate values Miller takes pride in. Miller means power, reliability, and service that can be relied on. I worked with this client to produce designs that were conservative, intuitive, and above all, blue.


  • Logo usage must comply with corporate standards
  • Consistent branding - Corporate color palette & Type Face
  • Global Navigation Re-design - ease of navigation and usability
  • Minimal file size and load time
  • Organize content with appropriate hierarchy - placement and weight
Products Page Accessories Page MIG Process Page Helmets Page

Online Welding Projects

Miller offers a variety of fun extras for market segments. I worked with the client to design the Welding Projects section to be a place where welders will go for inspiration, plans, and tips for better welds.


  • Design a one-source page where users can find all the info they need
  • Promote products, discussion, educational materials, and safety resources
  • Develop a feeling of community
  • Use a grid layout to create a visually cohesive page
Miller Electric Welding Projects Miller Electric Projects Gallery Miller Electric Project Page Miller Projects Most Popular Safety Apparel

Product Selector

I worked with Miller to design a user-friendly, consumer-oriented product selection guide. Selecting the right welding machine can often be a very overwhelming experience. With the SmartSelector, Miller recommends products based on the user's criteria, determined by answering a few simple questions.


  • Create a graphical web-based interface for product selection
  • Simplify an overwhelming process
  • Incorporate icons to make input values easily understood
  • Make the user's next step clear with graphical and textual indications
  • Use concise, descriptive verbiage
  • Create a layout that offers clear comparison between recommendations
  • Allow one recommended product to be the focus of the results page
SmartSelector™ Entry Page SmartSelector™ Help Me Choose SmartSelector™ MIG Page SmartSelector™ Results Page

Miller HTML Formatted e-Mails

Miller's online marketing includes HTML formatted e-mails. Some are scheduled e-newsletters that serve to create community and inform. Others are advertising placements for magazines that serve to generate site traffic and create awareness of Miller Electric and their products.


  • Lay out content in a narrower width for viewing in a mail client
  • Write CSS and HTML to prevent mail clients from rendering poorly
  • Keep code concise
Smartenews™ Entry Page Smartenews™ Help Me Choose Smartenews™ MIG Page Smartenews™ Results Page

Online Welding Resources

Miller offers a large library of welding resources. In this area of the site, users can find anything from tips to improve their welds to welding safety recommendations.

Miller Resources - Improving Your Skills Miller Resources - MIG Miller Resources - Business Tools

UW Oshkosh Alumni Relations E-News

This is a site I designed and built early in my web career. The goal was to have a news site that could be easily maintained via password protected admin pages. I selected a third-party content managing software and designed and implemented graphics and a custom layout. I wrote the help documentation for the back-end pages and training the client to upload images, write and edit content, as well as stage, archive, and publish issues.


  • Create a database driven, easily maintained news site
  • Design a custom look and feel for third-party PHP code
  • Write help documentation and train client to use the admin interface.
UW Oshkosh Alumni Relations E-News

Jacobsen Golf Flash Animations

I have done a series of product flash animations for Jacobsen. Typically, the animation pans and zooms around a product application image with marketing copy transitions that correspond with key features illustrated in the photograph.


  • Generate product awareness
  • Promote traffic to the product page
  • Create excitement for the product
UW Oshkosh Alumni Relations E-News

Hobart Welding Products

We are currently in the finishing stages of producing a complete site redesign for Hobart Welding Products. Hobart asked that we designed a site for them that would reflect their stature as manufacturer with a nation-wide distribution network.


  • Re-establish online corporate identity
  • Adhere to consistent design standards site-wide
  • Organize architecture & navigation to be logical and intuitive
  • Use imagery that invokes excitement for products
  • Use concise, descriptive verbiage
Miller Electric Welding hobart Miller Electric hobart Gallery Miller Electric Project Page