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A Healthy Spleen is a Happy Spleen

Well…I’m at it again…but just for a month this time. I’ve renewed efforts to be health-conscious. I’m living life to its fullest through the cleansing experience of diet and exercise…but just for a month this time. So frequently we’re overwhelmed by long-term, un-realistic goals so I’ve decided that this latest venture should last 4 weeks, at which time I will re-evaluate how things are going and choose to terminate or extend said venture.

Monday, August 21 – Monday, September 18, 2006

Overall Goal: Lose 5 lbs.
Current weight: 176.0 lbs (according to the office scale)

Primary Goal: Exercise
Aerobic: 30 min 3x/ week
Resistance training: 30 min 3x/ week
Stretch at least 10 min daily.


  • Use open swim in Ashwaubenon HS pool
  • Check out workout videos from the public library
  • Use dumbells and stability ball for excercise at home
  • Use parents’ treadmill

Secondary Goal: Nutrition
Focus on avoiding empty calories and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables


So…anyhow…that’s my plan. I really need all the support I can get with this. I’d appreciate it alot if anyone who’s willing would ask me how it’s going, offer some words of encouragement, offer to share a carrot with me or something. Ask me if I really need that chocolate bar when temptation is staring me in the face. Anything…I expect this to be fun and it’s somewhat of a relief to be at it again. I ate pizza tonight…but I ate two pieces instead of 5….that’s quite an improvement for me….and I think the pizza tasted better as a result….I wasn’t inhaling.