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Angela’s Angel: A Major Production

On the morning before my sister’s 32nd birthday we got all hopped up on caffeine at our parent’s cabin. I convinced her it would be a good idea to run outside and make a snow angel so I could take her photo in it from the loft window. I told her if the photo turned out, it’d make a really cute print that she could send out with her holiday card next year. This is made all the funnier when one considers that Angela is visiting from southern Florida, where she experienced a nearly 90° temperature change. The low temp that morning carried a wind chill of -8°.

Since I received my new Flip Video camera from Andrew for Christmas, I was looking for an opportunity to make a video, but was disappointed to find my family a little camera shy. Well…as I mounted the stairs to the loft, I decided this was the moment. Humor ensues as a frozen Angela realizes I don’t have my dSLR in hand. Don’t worry, I did get a nice photo of her…but I also got some really great video footage that I just had to share! Check it out below. Continue reading