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An inspiring piece of…motivation.

Every now and again when I encounter myself in a rut, I petition the source of all the knowledge in the world for help. This morning, in particular, I was barely trudging though the quickly congealing humdrum of my existence, numbed by all I had no desire to do. Hope, all but lost, I submitted a plea of “help me get my shit done.” The first result returned was just what I needed.


"12 Steps to Get Shit Done" 8.5x11" sign (pdf)

This no-frills, glib, and concise list titled “Twelve Steps to Get Shit Done,” was posted by Craig Harper in Australian English style. I found it so rudely refreshing and no-nonsense that I was inspired to design a pretty sign using the text. In case this is heartening for others, I’m posting it to my blog so that you may download and be inspired as well.

Mine is hung in front of the toilet at a comfortable viewing level for the seated patron. I feel this is appropriate for a couple of reasons…but I’ll not go into that, here.