Workout 5

Workout developed by UW-Green Bay Kress Events Center personal trainer, Alexandra ‘Lexie’ Rae Weber.

Warm Up Exercises (45 sec. each)

  • Walking Lunges
  • Squat Jacks — jumping jack but lower into squat position, touch hands to knees
  • Plank Walks
  • Mountain Climbers — hands on floor and in plank position, run

Ab Exercises (45 sec. each)

  • Hip raises — lie on bench or on floor, legs straight and up in the air, lift hips off floor toward ceiling
  • V-ups — bring knee into chest and arms straight out in front of you, extend legs straight out in front and extend arms straight out to sides, repeat
  • Russian twist — can use dumbbell or medicine ball, knees bent, feet off floor makes it more difficult, touch ball or weight side to side
  • Side bend — holding dumbbell in one hand, bend to side and stand straight

Circuit Strength Training (12 reps each, repeat circuit 3x)

  • Chest press — lie on bench, pressing dumbbells straight up
  • Single arm bent over row — place one hand on bench, holding dumbbell in other, knees bent and flat back pull dumbbell straight up keeping elbow tight to side
  • Squats — hold dumbbells at sides or can rest on shoulders
  • Bicep curl/shoulder press — start with bicep curl and go into shoulder press
  • Decline pushups — feet on bench, hands on floor, do pushups
  • Walking squats with dumbbell — hold dumbbells at shoulders, can stay low whole time or squat each step
  • Single leg lunges — foot on bench, make sure knees stay behind toes
  • Incline pushup — hands on bench, try to get chest to bench as you do pushup
  • Dead lift — legs slightly bent, hold dumbbells at floor with back straight, keeping dumbbells close to legs stand up with weight, repeat
  • Tricep dips — hands on bench directly under shoulders, walk feet out and dip