Workout 1

Workout developed by UW-Green Bay Kress Events Center personal trainer, Alexandra ‘Lexie’ Rae Weber.

Warm Up Exercises (45 sec. each)

  • Jog in Place (keep your core tight by pulling your belly button into your spine)
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Walking Lunges (make sure to keep your knee behind your front toes)
  • Side to Side Squats (“sit back on a chair” keeping your knees behind your toes, get as low as you can and move side to side)
  • Push Ups

1st Circuit (do each exercise 12 times)

  • Lat Pull Down (sitting on bench, pull handles to your shoulders and squeeze your shoulder blades together) – 40 pounds
  • Chest Press (you can leave your back on the pad or you can sit forward to engage your core) – 20 pounds
  • Seated Row (sit on bench, pull handles to sides and squeeze your shoulder blades together) – 35 pounds
  • Shoulder Press – 15 pounds
  • Hamstring Curl – 20 pounds
  • Leg Extension (bring your knee up to hip-height and extend your leg straight) – 20 pounds
  • Squats (in machine) – 50 pounds
  • Wall Squats with bicep curl (place exercise ball at the low of your back, hold the handles at your sides and as you stand out of squat do a bicep curl) – 15 pounds

2nd Circuit (1 min. each or 30 sec. each side)

  • Lat Pull Down with twist (sit on bench, pull handle to your shoulders and twist to that side i.e. right arm, twist to right side) – 20 pounds
  • Chest Press Standing (stand behind bench on one foot, push weight straight out- 30 sec on each foot) – 10 pounds
  • Standing Row (stand on one foot, pull handle to side; right foot up when rowing with right arm) – 20 pounds
  • Shoulder Press Standing (stand behind bench and in squatting position, press weight straight up) – 10 pounds
  • Glute Blaster (bend over slightly, bring your knee to your chest and push leg straight back) – 15 pounds
  • Bicycle (bring knee up to hip height each time, “pedal” like on a bicycle) – 15 pounds
  • Squats (in machine) – 20 pounds
  • Wall Squats with bicep curl (place exercise ball at the low of your back, hold the handles at your sides and as you stand out of squat do a bicep curl) – 10 pounds

Other Exercises (do each exercise for 1 minute)

  • Step ups (on small bench; lead with right foot for 30 seconds and then the left)
  • Jump rope (keep your elbows tight to your sides, jump a few inches off the floor)
  • Squat with medicine ball (hold ball straight out at shoulder-height in front of you when down in squat and raise ball above head as you stand up)
  • Russian twist with ball (using medicine ball, sit on floor and touch the ball side to side– easier when feet are on the floor, more difficult if you lift them off the floor)
  • Up and downs (stand with arms straight up, bring hands to floor and step your feet back into a plank position, then step feet back to hands and stand up with arms straight up, repeat)
  • Push Ups (do them regular, on your knees, and you can take a break when you need to but push yourself!) :)

Abs (45 seconds each)

  • Crunches on ball (lie on ball and sit up)
  • Crunches with twist on ball (sit up reaching up to your left side with your right arm for 30 sec and switch sides for 30 seconds- do this exercise for a total of a minute)
  • Bridge (lay on your back keeping your feet flat on the floor and lift your hips off the floor) – work up to holding for 1 minute