New Used Bicycle! Woo hoo!

    Amusingly enough, this graphic appears in a section entitled "Before you ride" in the Magna Bicycle owner's manual.

Not less than 1 inch.

I had been looking for a good, cheap 10 speed bike. I figured the exercise would be nice and I really do miss tearing around the neighborhood.   I decided I would keep an eye out to pick one up at the curb-side mall or a garage sale somewhere. As it turns out my parents acquired one that was left by a former tenant. It is, in all it’s glory, a purple and blue Magna Glacier Point Women’s 26″ 10 speed bike.

Like old days, Papa helped me lube the chain and break calipers and put air in the tires. Other than a ratty seat and a kick stand that’s broken off, the bike seems to be in working condition. It seems to shift gears with no trouble and the breaks do their job. I’m now in the market for a bike seat (I’d really love one of the retro kind with the springs) and a kick stand. If you or anyone you know happens to have either of these that they’d be willing to part with, please do let me know.

Amusingly enough, the graphic I included with this post appears in the Magna Bicycle owner’s manual in a section entitled “Before you ride.” I giggled immaturely and decided that I absolutely needed to share this gem with my pals online.

With that, I do believe I’m going to put on my dorky helmet and go for a ride. Later!

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