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Valentine’s Day Gift : Free coloring sheet

Coloring sheet pdf download

Coloring sheet pdf download

Ah…Valentine’s Day. A day for commerce and candy and flowers and dates and dining out. With a gift-shop holiday so deeply rooted in the profit margin on an I-love-you message, it makes me wonder if anyone is loved any less during these “tough economic times.” Or, could it be that they’re loved more?

Valentine’s Day lands on a Saturday this year. More couples have more time to devote to today than the usual week-day valentine’s day. They don’t need to pack all of their love into a single over-whelming gift purchase. They have the time to make it more about spending time together. They can plan mini-weekend getaways, or a nice dinners at home with a cozy night in.

Well, they all say the best things in life are free. So my Valentine’s day gift to you is a free coloring sheet.