Daily Archives: October 30, 2006

A Day Late & a Dollar Short

I’m a disgraceful violin student…and I’m inconsiderate, in general. This week I was bound and determined not to suck as badly as I had at my last lesson…and I suppose I got my wish. That’s what happens when you show up 25 minutes late for a 30 minute lesson. I didn’t have the opportunity to suck.

I stayed late at work tonight to get some things done for the big go-live tomorrow…and then I practiced just a bit so that I wouldn’t be so flippin’ awful when I had my lesson at 7:30…when I brought my violin down to glance at my watch I saw I had 10 minutes to spare before my lesson…holy crap, I was going to be late! Traffic hovered just at or below the speed limit, despite my exclamations of frustration…and of course Chicago St. was still under construction so I needed to park a block away from my lesson.

When I finally arrived and saw myself in through the tricky combination button lock exterior door and went downstairs, I saw that Bruce was waiting for me. He said, “Well, we could have a 5 minute lesson…Or we could just reschedule for next week.” What? I thought the lesson was at 7:30…I know I was late, but I didn’t think I was that late. Bruce appologized for the miss-communication, but I wouldn’t be suprized if it were my fault. I muttered, “I”m sorry” and “I’ll see you next week at 7:15, then” and lumbered back up the narrow stairway to exit that door that found such delight in causing me grief.

I’m such a pain in the ass.