Daily Archives: October 2, 2006

My Latest Conquest

I’ve recently, with the support of my dear musically inclined friends, Andrew and Bridget, attempted to re-engross myself in the pursuit of becoming an able (and hopefully talented) violinist. Here’s the challenge: I played for 8.5 years committing neither the time nor the effort required to be a truly dedicated violin student. My form kinda blows, my familiarity with music theory absolutely sucks, and I no longer have the advantage of youth on my side…25 years of age now classifies me as a non-traditional student and I hope that my 8.5 years of “experience” (more accurately “poor form and general crappiness”) will not leave me irreparably ingrained in my bad habits. Aack…I haven’t been playing for 7 years…that’s very nearly as long as I have been playing.

So I’ve invested my time and money in getting my violin repaired and buying the resources I need to learn…a metronome, practice mute, rosin, spare strings, new pegs, new bow, new tailpiece, new chinrest, lessons…I’m certain I’ll have dropped at least $300 by the time my violins are in working condition again and I make it to my first lesson.