So I’ve been busy/lazy…

I know…for all you avid fans of my spleen blog, it’s been months since my last post. I’d love to say I’ve got some good excuse…something worthwhile. Maybe I’ve been on a volunteer trip to the Sudan where I’ve spent the last three months shooing flies away from the large watery eyes of starving children. Or maybe something tragic happened. Maybe I slipped in the bathroom and bumped my head on the edge of the toilet…and instead of having an epiphany and inventing the flux capacitor, I lapsed into a 3-month coma, which I’ve just come out of some minutes ago…and after a miraculous recovery, I bounced out of my hospital bed and proceeded to blog…when I realized to my horror that I’ve kept my fans waiting. Sadly, none of that happened…and I can’t say that I’ve got a good excuse. I’ve been busy…or lazy…or busy being lazy. I suppose with change of the seasons and the nicer weather, I’ve found other ways to occupy my time. What can I say? I’m just not a very dedicated blog geek.

So I suppose I should go back and attempt to fill in the holes….so that my stalkers know what I’ve been up to.

I participated in the 30th Annual Bellin Run/Walk yesterday…that was a lot of fun. Supposedly the Bellin Run is among the top running contests in the nation. I had a good time…I went with my beloved sister and my good friend Bridget. Angela and I finished in 1:26:59 at a pace of 14 minutes per hour. Not bad considering the average for the walking participants was 1:35:16 . We placed 634 out of 2437…I’ve got no complaints. Well…no…I do have some complaints….my butt hurts….my foot hurts….my back hurts…but other than that, I’m okay. If all goes well, I’ll slip and bump my head on a toilet and when I come out of my coma, my body will have recooperated.

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