Nocturnal Sloth

I get really lazy in the evening. Not just a little lazy, either. When normal people leave their socks on the floor when they’re particularly idle, I’m nothing short of leaving myself bodily on the floor. Maybe I’m just a morning person…or maybe it’s the caffeine that keeps me from fading into my lethargic, listless evening mood. I can just feel my biological and mental activities slowing as it gets later in the day. Please note…It’s just after 9pm and I’ve got all I can handle trying to come up with a few cohesive thoughts to post in my poor excuse for a blog.

I suppose…I can’t really say I wasted the evening…although it sort of feels like I did. I went to water aerobics…exercise is important. I had dinner with my parents…watched some quality Wisconsin Public Television with my father…it was featuring a fancy schmancy pheasant recipe…Papa (yes, I call my father “Papa”) and I sat and made fun of the chef’s accent. That never gets old. I cleaned the bathroom…folded some towels. Got the week-old fingernail polish off my nails and trimmed my cuticles….healthy nails are key.
I started to write this blog entry…when one (1) Dave of IMed me to share with me. Very funny, if you hate Bush. This site has several very well done original and cover songs produced entirely by splicing audio footage of W. I downloaded all of them because I was so impressed with the humor and quality. Someone has seriously got a lot of time on their hands. Shortly thereafter, one (1) Dasco of IMed me…who, coincidentally, is brother of the aforementioned Dave…he shared a link to some cute pics for all those FireFox fans out there. It was good chatting with you guys…thanks for brightening my evening with a little humor.

This concludes tonight’s blog post…I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Stay tuned for another exciting post whenever I get around to writing again.

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