Eat My Dust.

Today I fought a losing battle against the scores of dust bunnies that have invaded my room without notice. I can’t pin-point when the stealthy creatures first made their appearance…for all I know they’ve been here all along…waiting…silently plotting their coup d’état. I awoke this morning and they not only had me severly outnumbered, but entirely surrounded.

Sensing the tense calm before the storm, I hurried to arm myself with a broom, rag, dustpan and a can of Pledge ®…my wake stiring the tension-filled air. The gust of my movement sent the enormous wads of dust rolling like tumbleweed across my path. It could have been a trick of the imagination, but I’d swear I heard the hollow notes of a Native American flute fill my ears as I squinted at the desert horizon—I mean the hardwood floor.

The challenging thing about fighting dust is that it does not discrimintate…dust will occupy whichever surface remains still long enough for it to pearch happily atop it. When something happens to disturb said happy upper echelon dust particle, it then falls gently to the floor to join the plebeian scum of dust society…the roudy and unruly crowd. This dust, overcome by mob mentality, manifests itself in the dust riot we commonly understand as the dust bunny.

Items that rest directly on the floor make veritable havens for dust bunnies. Unfortunately for me, I have a lot of crap—erm…belongings—and very little storage, therefore space is at a premium. I’m forced to exploit the areas below my dressers and bed with shoe boxes, storage tupperwares, and happless piles. Not to mention, the serpentine mas of cords piled behind my desk. It comes as no surprise that dust should become a problem.

Well…I dusted…and swept…the swiriling clouds filled my nasal passages and burned my eyes, but I was relentless. Now with all said and done, my room is much cleaner…but to my dismay, the particles settled down again in a thin film of grey…and I still notice with my peripheral vision, bunnies scuttling across the room with the slightest draft like cockroaches. They’re angry…I can tell…and they’ll be back stronger than ever to gain their vengance…but I’ll be ready!

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