Squibbles and Holmes

I pissed my sister off pretty good tonight…for both my mother and I. She left without so much as saying goodbye to either of us…the fun sort of passive-agressive bull we’ve come to expect from ourselves during any of our petty squibbles. To be fair, I think she was in a mood…and I was none-to-sensitive to it. Eh well…there hasn’t been an argument yet that has caused us to permenantly fall out of favor with eachother.

I just recieved my very first mailing of the Sherlock Holmes adventure,   A Scandal in Bohemia…it’s part of the Discovering Arthur Conan Doyle project put on by Stanford University. It’s neat and it’s free…all you have to do is sign up and you’ll get mailed monthly victorian-style segments of the novel. I think I’m going to read now.

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