Volcano Zits and Nasty Images

A volcano zit has just recently taken up residence on my forehead…I love it when geological formations develop on my face. Thank goodness for Dr. Burt’s Herbal Blemish Stick. It works remarkably well.

So…I’ve just seen the goatse and tubgirl images for the first time…I found myself filled with regret for having ever been given the gift of sight. I know…I asked for it. Curiosity got the better of me…and now I’ve got those terrible images burned into my mind. I’m sullied and I can never again have that innocence back. Serves me right.

I first heard the lore of these online images when I was in college. I had long since forgotten the conversation, but it went something on the order of my friends laughing at a lewed reference to the pics…I of course, didn’t catch a thing and naively requested an explaination. Nobody had the heart to tell me what the images were. I was simply instructed to do a google search of “goatse” and “tubgirl.” Well…one thing led to another and I got busy and forgot. Low and behold, I was reminded of the topic when reading a dialogue on image theft. Hence, the planets aligned in a perfect combination of boredom, curiosity, and internet access. Ick. I want to go clean my eyes with Listerine.

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