I like my men like I like my coffee…in the shower.

I’m seriously considering the logistics of bringing my coffee into the shower with me… It makes perfect sense…both are wet and hot and wake me up in the morning! …And no…I’m not making some perverse joke…suggestive innuendo…no. Sickos. It just so happens that I’m having a hard time separating myself from my cuppa’ joe long enough to take a shower this morning…so here I sit…tick-tacking away at my crappy old keyboard providing you with a full account of my serious dillema.

You see, it could very well be feasible to shower with my vitamin C. The primary consern is diluting the coffee or worse, contaminating it with soap. However, I’ve thought this over and all I would need to do is use a travel mug with a lid…I’ve walked to class in the rain with my travel mug before without any problems. Granted, one would hardly dodge raindrops in the shower…it would be significantly easier to simply hold the mug outside the stream of water. As for soap, I could place the mug in a dry corner of the shower while I lather and rinse. (I know…just the thought of the separation anxiety is too much.) Ultimately, the end goal would be achived…I would be sufficiently heigenic and alert to begin my day…without having to suffer the trauma of either gulping down my coffee more quickly than the temperature will allow, or returning to an unpleasenly cold mug…like a lover that’s lost his flame…harsh.

Whaddaya know…I’ve finished my coffee…shower time!

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