Lethal Su Doku

I suck at puzzles…what the hell is my fascination with trying to solve puzzles I’m no good at? My sister gave me a su doku puzzle book for Christmas and it’s flippin’ hard! Gah! Forgive me…I’m still frustrated with the damn thing. I managed to solve the first puzzle in what seemed like an hour…and I’ve only just given up on the second after exhausting myself with mental aerobics for which my brain is in absolutely no shape. I’ll try again in the morning. I’ll solve it or die trying….uhm…be sure to check the obits for me…Kimberly Vlies…24 and a half year old…death by su doku.

Anyhow…it’s that time of year again. It’s always a pretty notion to think that one begins anew when the calendar year changes. I realize that this is a fickle convention…what’s so magical about a calendar date? (Of course the first marks a change in fiscal years…but this crosses into the business world and can no longer be treated as a personal goal.) Why should people put so much stock in using the first of the year as an opportunity to make a positive change in their lives? Is there something about January 1 that forces the odds in the bettor’s favor? People do, after all, seem to regard their New Year’s Resolutions as somewhat of a crapshoot. Goals and expectations are set unreasonably high and people expect not to be able to fulfill them. Who, after all, ever makes a New Year’s resolution that will be conscientiously reviewed at the end of the year?

Well…I can’t criticize…I suppose I’m just as fickle as the lot of ‘em. The difference I do see in my resolutions is that I actually plan to keep them. I feel I have attainable goals and I have reasonable plans to implement changes in my life to make them manifest.

2006 Goals:

  1. Lose 15 lbs. (more, if possible…but we’re going for feasibility)
    • 45 min. of exercise 3x week
    • limit myself to 1 serving of empty calories per week
    • eat out less
  2. Develop artistic rendering skills
    • do at least 1 drawing per week
  3. Be organized
    • financially
    • time
    • personal belongings

    (This, I’m afraid, is too ambiguous and no great change will be realized, but it’s important to at least be cognoscente of the fact that this is a weakness for me and definitely an area for me to work on in the coming year.)

  4. Post at least one Blog entry per week.
    I like my blog…and I like to delude myself into believing people read it.
  5. Re-design my website
    I know…it hurts to look at. Sorry.
  6. Grow a spine.
    • Hang up on telemarketers.
    • tell people when they piss me off.
      (I realize that this would require me to get pissed off at someone first…we’ll see how this pans out.)
    • take calcium tablets
  7. Quit smoking.
    (I know…I don’t smoke to begin with…but it makes me feel good to know that I’ll be able to at least accomplish one of my goals)
  8. Avoid swimming with sharks and piranhas.

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