Pissed off at the world.

I’m kinda cranky today. You know…pissed off at the world…for no particular reason. Well…I suppose insufficient sleep and PMS are good reasons. That, coupled with holiday stress and over-crowded stores provide more than ample grounds for a solid bitch-fest. Yeah…I can be a little cranky if I damn well please! Fortunately, the recipients of my waves of aimless frustration and scorn have been limited to inanimate objects. The most prominent of which was an over-sized bathrobe that did everything in its power to (successfully) avoid being gift wrapped…with a (damn near unsolvable) brass ring-puzzle comming in as a close second. I can’t decide that it’s fortunate or unfortunate that inanimate (as opposed to animate) objects have gotten the better of me. At least I didn’t offend any actual personalities by my irrational pissiness. On the other hand, I was definately the loser in today’s object vs. Kimberly battles…which is a blow to the pride.

Car Kitty On a ligher note, I went holiday shopping with Brenda after going out to breakfast at IQ’s with the gang. I feel that I got a reasonable amount accomplished today and I got to spend some time with my dear, but sadly neglected, friend. While out, we passed a young woman driving her car and I was alarmed to see an orange tabby cat surveying the passing scenery from wher it pearched on her lap. I took a pic so I could share it with you all. Who takes their cats for rides, anyway?

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