Buy Nothing Day

Ahhh…the day after Thanksgiving. It is quite possibly a more celebrated holiday than the blessed day of thanks recognized just 24 hours prior. Today and yesterday, in my mind, can be likened to the stark contrast in the 48 hours that Halloween and All Saints Day occupy on the calendar. Thanksgiving is one of the rare few wholesome family holidays that remains untouched by the greedy hands of commercialism. The only reason it remains as such, is because the day following has graciously soaked up American greed like the driest of sponges and annually absorbs more. Shoppers take to the stores in swarms…in a terrible stampeding mob mentality to fulfill their insatiable hedonistic desires for more. If people paused a moment to realize that they don’t need three quarters of the shit they buy and took a little time to reflect on what was really important, maybe the US wouldn’t be the stressed out work-aholic nation it is. That’s my rant.

Buy Nothing Day Poster
Download a pdf of the Buy Nothing Day poster I designed for an assignment in college.

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