Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Pumpkin PieIn observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m giving you, my faithful readership, the secret pumpkin pie recipe imparted unpon me by my dear highschool geometry teacher. Mmmm…tasty, tasty pie.

I didn’t really do a whole lot to celebrate Thanksgiving today. My family returned from six days of gun hunting around one o’ clock. I expected that after not seeing them for of those days, they’d want to spend a little time together…but they were all pretty ornery so I spent the afternoon playing with stuff on my computer…like the misanthropic piss-ant I am. Or maybe I was just cranky. My own distemper does a lot to make everyone else seem that much more unpleasant, but I’d never admit that to anyone. (Note: this is yet, another occasion that I’m making the assumption the vast, vast audience my spleenblog draws is really just a “figment of my imaginewton.”

We went to my grandma and grandpa’s place for dinner. Grandma’s food, as always, was excellent. We had fun shooting the breeze with the aunts, uncles and cousins…my family is huge. Especially on my father’s side. I had to chuckle when my ten(ish)-year-old cousin that I used to babysit…who I’ve seen every Christmas and Easter since the year he was born…had no idea what my name was. It wasn’t even just on the tip of his tounge. He had no idea what relationship he shared with me…his mom had to explain that our father’s were brothers. To be fair, I can’t remember what his name is, either. Drr…this is going to drive me nuts now. Aaron? No, that’s his older brother. He might as well be Aaron. They look like the same person, anyway.

So yeah…things that I’m thankful for:

  1. my family, friends and loved ones
    As much as I complain, I really do love them and I’d be one hurting unit if anything should ever happen to any of them.
  2. I’ve got a good life.
    I could be a whole hell of a lot worse off right now. I’ve got it good and I’m lucky. ( I have trouble deciding if it’s pessimistic of me to point out that things could be exponentially shittier than they really are. In my mind, this effectively sheds a positive light on any negative situation with recognition that it’s better than a worst-case scenario.)
  3. The plastic things on the ends of shoe laces or aglets
    I hate it when I loose an aglet and my frayed shoelace can no longer be easily threaded through the eyelets of my shoe. I’m profoundly thankful that these wonderful little things exist.
  4. That’s about all I’ve got for now.

I’m really tired. I need to go to work tomorrow. I need my beauty rest.

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