Lorem ipsum dolor…

So…after my b2evolution blog just about took down the entire server that’s hosting my site, I’m trying again to administer a successful blog. (insert roaring crowd noises here). This time, I’ve decided to go with WordPress, per the recommendation of some reliable friends. I’m pleased with the software, to say the least. Already it’s been much more intuitive to deal with than b2evolution…and it hasn’t tried to swallow the server’s soul…at least not yet.

I do still have to design a skin for this blog. Please bear with the default design while I come up with something that’s hopefully better.

Now I’m faced with the daunting task of filling the blog with content. The first entry is always the hardest to write. I’m deliberating using Lorem Ipsum to fill the place of my first post…at least I’d think it was funny. Then I’d have an excuse for my meager readership. Who knows, it might be more interesting than anything I could come up with.

Dare I venture to think that someone might actually read this? That is after all, the point of a blog. I suppose I’ve always regarded anything I’ve published online as something nobody who valued their free time would bother to read. At the same time, I hope people will read this and I get an enormous kick out of the prospect of having an audience, however small. I do tend to write things that I assume nobody will see, which is a dangerous thing…but I find humor in my own embarrassment so it’s worth it. I must, however include a disclaimer: all users read my blog at their own risk. I claim no responsibility for wounded pride, broken hearts, or wet pants.

So this is my blog. Enjoy it. Give me some feedback if it behooves you to do so.

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