Only time can heal a conference hangover.

118 visits so far this month…..that’s remarkable.   Is there someone out there that keeps entering and leaving my journal to get my numbers up?   I’m actually kind of self-consious about the whole thing.   I mean, this must mean that I’ve either got a substantial audience…or a stalker.   In the case of the former, I’ve got an entire audience to entertain…which, I suppose, kind of defeats the purpose of documenting private sentaments in a journal…but makes me feel importaint, nonetheless!   I guess the latter could be just as fun…after all, I’ve never been stalked before!   ;o)

Anyhow, I’ve just had a wonderful weekend attending WURHA at UW-Whitewater.   Props to the conference staff…they did a great job!   I had very little in the way of CR’s…like usual.   I flirted with people and that’s always fun.   I even kissed a bald guy on the cheek because he was wearing a sign that read, “Kiss me I’m bald.”   But even that was was just a random peck on the cheek…I don’t even think I said anything to him.   I had a guy following me around all weekend…he began doing it at No Frills.   Not that I mind, he’s a really sweet guy and I’m glad that he likes to be around me…but I think he’s gay and it really confuses me because I also think he’s persuing me.   He could be just doing it as a manner of hiding his homosexuality, or maybe he’s in denial…which I understand.   It’s got to be a difficult thing to be poorly reiceved by society on the basis of who you’re attracted to.   Then again, maybe he’s straight and I’m just an idiot.   Eh well…I’m sure you’ve all heard me gripe before that the only guys that I ever see as date-worthy are also homosexual.   It’s the source of much lament for me….but eh well….I don’t have time for intimate relationships anyway.
So yeah…O-town cleaned house in the way of awards this weekend!   We got bunches and bunches of 2-year pins, 2 4-year pins (mine and Kevin Akamann’s), Banner, program of the year, and WCC of the year.   We put in a bid for Bubbles for student of the year, which I believe he is fully deserving of, but we accidentally forgot to include proof of his good academic standing in the bid and it got thrown out.   I’m very happy that Becky won.   She actually believed for a while that it was the WCC’s that had written it up….Bubbles and I are so sneaky!   Bubbles asked me to keep it a secret from her because he wanted to be there when she found out, but Schu-dogg spilled the beans.   She didn’t really react to having won the award one way or the other at the banquet, but she certainly bawled when we got back to the room.   I even got a little misty myself….I’m so happy for her…she really deserves it.

So yeah…I’ve been nursing a conference hangover all day.   I had alot of fun…but the whole sleep deprivation thing is always a challange for me….and I get pretty grumpy.   It was pretty bad, too….I vaguely remember looking at a tree this afternoon and being enraged at it’s very existance….I wanted to go kick it…but I successfully contained my anger. No vegetation was hurt.

With that…I suppose I should go take a shower and get to bed.   I’m exhausted.   And I didn’t accomplish a damned thing today.   Bye all!

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