Hey chil’rens!

Hey chil’rens! I’m sorry I’ve been slacking so much on my journal here. I’m alarmed to discover that there are a wopping 61 people that have visited my journal this month! WOW! And I haven’t even written lately! Now either that means that I’m really, very interesting…..or all of you guys are really…really….aren’t. Just kidding…I love you all and you know it! I’m just dumbfounded…..maybe I should sell my story to Hollywood….I could make money off of this!

Anyhow, the new semester is going really well for me. I’ve got two studio design classes that are really challanging, but a lot of fun at the same time. I also have two American Literature classes…one of North America, in English…and one of Latin America in Spanish. I’ve got one right after the other and they offer a really interesting contrast between the development of the Americas. I also really missed having an opportunity to speak in Spanish. It brings back all of these wonderful memories of Spain…..ahhh…Spain……hot Spanish men. And I have Dr. Feldman for the American Lit class….that guy is the best. For any of you who have never had him, he’s the odd slight man that you always see lurking about in the commons. Just go up to him and start talking to him…from that point on he will never fail to recognize you or call you by name. He called Ali, one of our exchange students, “weird” today because he didn’t go out and get drunk on his birthday last night. Man, that guy cracks me up!
So yeah…and this past weekend I had the honor of representing UW-O’s Eric Theide Chapter of NRHH at No Frills. What a great conference… I’m still dissappointed it’s over. I met so many wonderful people….and I showed so many strangers my fuzzy bra.
So yeah…Becky, bless her heart, found matching fuzzy bras and underwear on sale when we were shopping at Walmart.
Ehhh….nuts….I’ve got to get going. I’ll tell more about it later.

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