Wholy mackrel….that’s right….entirely mackrel….

Wholy mackrel….each and every bit of it.   I’m having   a hell of a day today, kids.   Wow….I’m just astounded by what a crappy day it’s been….and the crazy thing is that it’s after 7:00 and the damned thing is nowhere near being over.

I guess the whole thing began last night…   I went to the Martin Luther King Jr. ceremony and had a wonderful time.   A bunch of res lifers were there, but I didn’t get to sit with them becuase of assigned seating…I got to talk with them though.   So yeah…Chancellor Wells does not let one of his events go even remotely without class.   There was even live music….and *what* live music.   It was a jazz group…and it was really good.   But considering the event, I just had to laugh.   The group was made up of the oldest, whitest guys I’d ever seen.   And get this!   They called themselves the Geriatric Jazz Group!   I shit you not!   Isn’t that a riot?   And those old farts were so smooth, too….the hippest damned grandpas that *I’d* ever seen, anyway.   Anyhow, after the ceremony I went to a WURHA meeting…those are always good, but I don’t feel that I had contributed much considering my late arrival.   Well…after all that…at about 9:30 that night, I realized that I had a presentation to give today and I hadn’t even begun to prepare the stupid thing.   Well….to make a long story short, I got my presentation prepared and managed to get 3 short hours of sleep before class.   I got to class and my knees were just knocking about this presentation.   I realized that I hadn’t done the paper that was due for today…I was going to write an evaluation of one of the speakers at the ceremony last nigh.   The prof. said it was no big deal and that I would only a few points would be docked.   So yeah…I realized today…after 4 people presented and my name hadn’t been called….that I don’t present until tomorrow.   Nuts.
Yeah…so I’ve done all sorts of stupid stuff today…I wrote a note on my hand and fell asleep with it under my cheek….well…my face picked that bad boy up like silly puddy.
I broke my guardian angel necklace that my mom had given me.
I spilled milk all over my tray at lunch….Ruefus (sp?) would have been dissappointed.   Luckily he wasn’t around to give me hell about it.
Then I had to meet with Allen McCormick from Res. Life about time management.   I went in…he took one look at my gpa and said….”so….what’s the problem?”   I guess he’s not used meeting with honors students that need help organizing their time.
I dunno….today’s that day for me…that dayt that makes me appreciate every other day in my life…because it doesn’t happen to be today.
Anyhow, I’ve got all sorts of stuff I need to get done before my staff meeting.   That’ll be just a bag ‘o’ thrills, too, I’m sure.

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