Hispanic asses….

Arrrg! I’ve just gotten into an argument with one of my Spanish friends over my msn instant messanger. What an un-fulfilling vehicle for discussion! And it didn’t help at all that it was in spanish. I was clearly at a disadvantage…. And you know what the argument was about? That stupid-ass chain letter to sent a Euro to help the leppers in South America! Gah! He got mad at me because I wouldn’t participate and swore up and down and right and left that the damned thing was real. Which I guess is okay….except for the fact that NONE OF MY FRIENDS HERE SPEAK SPANISH WELL ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THE DAMNED THING IS ABOUT! Okay….I’m going to breath….it’s not worth geting upset about.

Okay. Moving on. I wish my butt looked like Shakira’s. But then wouldn’t Shakira’s bottom look rediculous on my voluptuous little body? (Yes…I’m voluptuous…not plump, cubby or round….voluptuous!)I guess in that case I’d need to have Shakiras torso and hips….which would still look silly… Well…that settles it. I just need to switch bodies entirely with Shakria. She can still have a successful music carreer with my sexy shortness! Eh whatver….Shakira doesn’t know what she’s missing!

Anyhow, I’ve had the most un-productive weekend ever…and I loved every moment of it. I didn’t even make it out to the bars! That was almost a relief in and of itself…I can only handle so much of the bar scene… I ended up watching movies with my residents and then I went over to Clemans to watch a bit of Lord of the Rings with Ryan. Fun times!

Okay….well…I suppose I’d better get my crap done. I’ll talk to you all later! Bye!

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