Witty me!–Stupid Americans!

Get this you guys! Sarah Quade, the queen of smart-ass comments, who always has some wonderful toung-in-cheek response ready for any nit-witt who dares to challange her, said I was witty! Not only that! She said that I should write saitire! I’m in my glory! Quade, I’ve always marveled at your intellegent, funny-ass humor and you’ve just made my day by sending me that message! You rule!

Anyhow, down to business….I’ve just gone to see Bowling for Columbine with Nathan Wardinski, one of my favorite people. For those of you who don’t know, it is a documentary film on violence in America. Not only was it absolutely hilarious, it ventured to answer the question, “Why do Americans treat eachother so violently?” It took a refreashing new approach to the problem of increased crime rates and school schootings by searching for the origin of the agression. It did not argue that we should ban fire arms “because I said so” or that Marilyn Manson inspires bloodlust, but instead suggested that it was a result of mass paranoia. Although I loved the film and I’d recommend it to anyone with a brain, I find that as a result of having watched it I feel more animosity towards our nation now than ever. If you remember from my 1/12 entry I complained of wanting to leave the country, well now I really want to leave! Stupid Americans! Good Lord….I’m an embarrassment to myself. (….no offense to my beloved journal fans, of course…..)

Anyhow, I need to find some friends to hang out with tonight….it’s 8:45 on a Friday night and I don’t feel like studying….

G’Bye all!

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