Silly Spaniards and bottled kittens

Okay so I just got an e-mail from my silly friends in Spain. They would like me to participate in a chain-e-mail where with every link to the chain, one EURO is sent to Guatemala to help fight lepracy. First of all….I know 2 whole people in the U.S who know how to say “lepracy” in Spanish…and I don’t have their e-mail address. Second, I don’t like chain letters…especially stupid ones that play on the hyper-active emotions of the gullible. I relish in breaking them…even more so when doing as such will inevitibly damn me too hell, 7 years of bad luck, or render me impotent (Thank goodness I’m female.) The third point have against this particular chain letter is that I don’t like lepers and I feel they got what they deserved.
I love my spanish friends…they mean well. A couple of months ago they e-mailed me a serious petition against a japanese company that was allegedly bottleing kittens and selling them to Americans. Here is the web address they sent me to the site that advertises the atrosity. It’s really funny and I hope you all take a moment to look at it. I promptly e-mailed my friends back and explained to them that it was all a hoax for the sake of humor. In retrospect I wish that I would have written something more on the order of, “Yeah, aren’t these bonzai kittens neat? I’ve got the whole set!”

Today I’ve finally changed my stupid Culture Connections grade from an incomplete to a Pass. For those who don’t know I took a one credit pass/fail class last semester that filled no more requirements for me than to be in University Scholars. Just for background information: I think that University Scholors is stupid and I am not proud to be in a program that recognizes me for something as superficial as my GPA. I only agreed to join so I could register for my classes early and possibly for the sake of credibility. In all reality I had planned to drop out of the program long ago and I’m surprised that I’m still in it. Anyhow, in this class I needed to attend 6 university events and write six 3-4 page papers on them. That sucks…I hate writing papers…so of course I completed them in the most half-assed manner that I believed a meaningless 1-credit pass/fail course such as this one deserved. The professor then made me re-write 3 out of six of them. That sucked. But I’ve got the damn thing over with now so I’m happy….and now I can concentrate my efforts on bitching about something new! For example….the stupid speech I have to give tomorrow! Speaking of which, I’d better get to work on.

I’d like to send out a special thanks to the people that are actually reading this! Sarah Quade even left me a message yesterday! That made my day!

Peace out!

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