Productivity is way over-rated

Okay….I would first like to begin with a sincere appology to all of my beloved journal fans out there that have been eagerly awaiting my next entry. I just sort of automatically assumed that if I was too busy to write in my own journal, then surely everyone else would be too busy to read it. Well….I hope I can make it worth the wait. So…it’s been about 4 months or so since the last time I’ve written…and I guess that alot has happened since then….as is generally the case when any number of months slip by seemingly without notice. At any rate, I don’t feel like catching up so don’t expect me to. My sister came home from Haiti for the holidays and it was absolutely wonderful to see her again. We did all sorts of great stuff like went shopping, got our hair done, baked cookies, saw “A Christmas Carol” at the Weidner Center, visited friends….all sorts of stuff. We even went out to the gay bars with a few close and very homosexual friends. That was an experience in itself. I even got hit on! I’m still flattered about that……nice lady. I just calmly explained my sexual orientation and she was a really good sport about it. But then before I knew it my sister was flying back to Haiti and I was on the road back to Oshkosh. I still envy her for being able to leave the country….even if that country *is* the armpit of the western hemisphere. I want desperately to leave….I see so many things that really disgust me about this culture. Eh well….such is life. So yeah…I came back and got registered for a speech class…only to discover that I’m not a natural public speaker. Imagine that. Granted I’m sure this class will do alot to help me out with organizing my ideas for presentation and whatnot. Eh well….it’ll be over in two more weeks. Relatively quick and painless… a band-aid….or getting your bikini line waxed. Anyhow, I’ve just spent the entire weekend screwing around with friends! Yay! What a great way to spend a weekend! And to think….I had all these terrible notions of being productive. Bah…productivity is way over-rated. On Friday night I went out with my peeps, D.J., Quade, Bubs, and Justin. We had fun! I got my ass kicked at darts and foozeball but I still had fun…and isn’t that all that matters? I fell down, too…and I guess that was fun in and of it’s own right. (What’s so damn funny about falling down, anyway?) At any rate, I’m wearing my skinned and bruised knees like badges. It was lots of fun to laugh my humiliation off with my the *support* of my friends. (o)(o) I went to Wingers on Saturday for dinner with Danyelle, DJ, Bubs, and Quade….got my ass kicked at darts….loved every moment of it. Then I hung out with residents and later I hung out with Jason Kemp for a bit. Today I’ve been trying to be productive….I did some research and wrote a paper…I guess that’s something. That’s about all I’ve got to say, kids. Just….keep your nose clean and don’t let anyone give you any wooden nickles!

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