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Wholy mackrel….that’s right….entirely mackrel….

Wholy mackrel….each and every bit of it.   I’m having   a hell of a day today, kids.   Wow….I’m just astounded by what a crappy day it’s been….and the crazy thing is that it’s after 7:00 and the damned thing is nowhere near being over.

I guess the whole thing began last night…   I went to the Martin Luther King Jr. ceremony and had a wonderful time.   A bunch of res lifers were there, but I didn’t get to sit with them becuase of assigned seating…I got to talk with them though.   So yeah…Chancellor Wells does not let one of his events go even remotely without class.   There was even live music….and *what* live music.   It was a jazz group…and it was really good.   But considering the event, I just had to laugh.   The group was made up of the oldest, whitest guys I’d ever seen.   And get this!   They called themselves the Geriatric Jazz Group!   I shit you not!   Isn’t that a riot?   And those old farts were so smooth, too….the hippest damned grandpas that *I’d* ever seen, anyway.   Anyhow, after the ceremony I went to a WURHA meeting…those are always good, but I don’t feel that I had contributed much considering my late arrival.   Well…after all that…at about 9:30 that night, I realized that I had a presentation to give today and I hadn’t even begun to prepare the stupid thing.   Well….to make a long story short, I got my presentation prepared and managed to get 3 short hours of sleep before class.   I got to class and my knees were just knocking about this presentation.   I realized that I hadn’t done the paper that was due for today…I was going to write an evaluation of one of the speakers at the ceremony last nigh.   The prof. said it was no big deal and that I would only a few points would be docked.   So yeah…I realized today…after 4 people presented and my name hadn’t been called….that I don’t present until tomorrow.   Nuts.
Yeah…so I’ve done all sorts of stupid stuff today…I wrote a note on my hand and fell asleep with it under my cheek….well…my face picked that bad boy up like silly puddy.
I broke my guardian angel necklace that my mom had given me.
I spilled milk all over my tray at lunch….Ruefus (sp?) would have been dissappointed.   Luckily he wasn’t around to give me hell about it.
Then I had to meet with Allen McCormick from Res. Life about time management.   I went in…he took one look at my gpa and said….”so….what’s the problem?”   I guess he’s not used meeting with honors students that need help organizing their time.
I dunno….today’s that day for me…that dayt that makes me appreciate every other day in my life…because it doesn’t happen to be today.
Anyhow, I’ve got all sorts of stuff I need to get done before my staff meeting.   That’ll be just a bag ‘o’ thrills, too, I’m sure.

Hispanic asses….

Arrrg! I’ve just gotten into an argument with one of my Spanish friends over my msn instant messanger. What an un-fulfilling vehicle for discussion! And it didn’t help at all that it was in spanish. I was clearly at a disadvantage…. And you know what the argument was about? That stupid-ass chain letter to sent a Euro to help the leppers in South America! Gah! He got mad at me because I wouldn’t participate and swore up and down and right and left that the damned thing was real. Which I guess is okay….except for the fact that NONE OF MY FRIENDS HERE SPEAK SPANISH WELL ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THE DAMNED THING IS ABOUT! Okay….I’m going to breath….it’s not worth geting upset about.

Okay. Moving on. I wish my butt looked like Shakira’s. But then wouldn’t Shakira’s bottom look rediculous on my voluptuous little body? (Yes…I’m voluptuous…not plump, cubby or round….voluptuous!)I guess in that case I’d need to have Shakiras torso and hips….which would still look silly… Well…that settles it. I just need to switch bodies entirely with Shakria. She can still have a successful music carreer with my sexy shortness! Eh whatver….Shakira doesn’t know what she’s missing!

Anyhow, I’ve had the most un-productive weekend ever…and I loved every moment of it. I didn’t even make it out to the bars! That was almost a relief in and of itself…I can only handle so much of the bar scene… I ended up watching movies with my residents and then I went over to Clemans to watch a bit of Lord of the Rings with Ryan. Fun times!

Okay….well…I suppose I’d better get my crap done. I’ll talk to you all later! Bye!

Witty me!–Stupid Americans!

Get this you guys! Sarah Quade, the queen of smart-ass comments, who always has some wonderful toung-in-cheek response ready for any nit-witt who dares to challange her, said I was witty! Not only that! She said that I should write saitire! I’m in my glory! Quade, I’ve always marveled at your intellegent, funny-ass humor and you’ve just made my day by sending me that message! You rule!

Anyhow, down to business….I’ve just gone to see Bowling for Columbine with Nathan Wardinski, one of my favorite people. For those of you who don’t know, it is a documentary film on violence in America. Not only was it absolutely hilarious, it ventured to answer the question, “Why do Americans treat eachother so violently?” It took a refreashing new approach to the problem of increased crime rates and school schootings by searching for the origin of the agression. It did not argue that we should ban fire arms “because I said so” or that Marilyn Manson inspires bloodlust, but instead suggested that it was a result of mass paranoia. Although I loved the film and I’d recommend it to anyone with a brain, I find that as a result of having watched it I feel more animosity towards our nation now than ever. If you remember from my 1/12 entry I complained of wanting to leave the country, well now I really want to leave! Stupid Americans! Good Lord….I’m an embarrassment to myself. (….no offense to my beloved journal fans, of course…..)

Anyhow, I need to find some friends to hang out with tonight….it’s 8:45 on a Friday night and I don’t feel like studying….

G’Bye all!


I’M GRUMPY!!! I don’t know what’s making me more grumpy….the fact that I only got 3 hours of sleep last night….the fact that I’m at that point in the month where I’ve reached my highest potential for grumpiness…..Or maybe it’s because you’re still breathing!
Actually….I’m not feeling quite so crabby suddenly…..maybe it is the hormones….now I’m just tired….and no…I don’t really want you to stop breating. After all…who else would read my journals?

Silly Spaniards and bottled kittens

Okay so I just got an e-mail from my silly friends in Spain. They would like me to participate in a chain-e-mail where with every link to the chain, one EURO is sent to Guatemala to help fight lepracy. First of all….I know 2 whole people in the U.S who know how to say “lepracy” in Spanish…and I don’t have their e-mail address. Second, I don’t like chain letters…especially stupid ones that play on the hyper-active emotions of the gullible. I relish in breaking them…even more so when doing as such will inevitibly damn me too hell, 7 years of bad luck, or render me impotent (Thank goodness I’m female.) The third point have against this particular chain letter is that I don’t like lepers and I feel they got what they deserved.
I love my spanish friends…they mean well. A couple of months ago they e-mailed me a serious petition against a japanese company that was allegedly bottleing kittens and selling them to Americans. Here is the web address they sent me to the site that advertises the atrosity. It’s really funny and I hope you all take a moment to look at it. I promptly e-mailed my friends back and explained to them that it was all a hoax for the sake of humor. In retrospect I wish that I would have written something more on the order of, “Yeah, aren’t these bonzai kittens neat? I’ve got the whole set!”

Today I’ve finally changed my stupid Culture Connections grade from an incomplete to a Pass. For those who don’t know I took a one credit pass/fail class last semester that filled no more requirements for me than to be in University Scholars. Just for background information: I think that University Scholors is stupid and I am not proud to be in a program that recognizes me for something as superficial as my GPA. I only agreed to join so I could register for my classes early and possibly for the sake of credibility. In all reality I had planned to drop out of the program long ago and I’m surprised that I’m still in it. Anyhow, in this class I needed to attend 6 university events and write six 3-4 page papers on them. That sucks…I hate writing papers…so of course I completed them in the most half-assed manner that I believed a meaningless 1-credit pass/fail course such as this one deserved. The professor then made me re-write 3 out of six of them. That sucked. But I’ve got the damn thing over with now so I’m happy….and now I can concentrate my efforts on bitching about something new! For example….the stupid speech I have to give tomorrow! Speaking of which, I’d better get to work on.

I’d like to send out a special thanks to the people that are actually reading this! Sarah Quade even left me a message yesterday! That made my day!

Peace out!

Productivity is way over-rated

Okay….I would first like to begin with a sincere appology to all of my beloved journal fans out there that have been eagerly awaiting my next entry. I just sort of automatically assumed that if I was too busy to write in my own journal, then surely everyone else would be too busy to read it. Well….I hope I can make it worth the wait. So…it’s been about 4 months or so since the last time I’ve written…and I guess that alot has happened since then….as is generally the case when any number of months slip by seemingly without notice. At any rate, I don’t feel like catching up so don’t expect me to. My sister came home from Haiti for the holidays and it was absolutely wonderful to see her again. We did all sorts of great stuff like went shopping, got our hair done, baked cookies, saw “A Christmas Carol” at the Weidner Center, visited friends….all sorts of stuff. We even went out to the gay bars with a few close and very homosexual friends. That was an experience in itself. I even got hit on! I’m still flattered about that……nice lady. I just calmly explained my sexual orientation and she was a really good sport about it. But then before I knew it my sister was flying back to Haiti and I was on the road back to Oshkosh. I still envy her for being able to leave the country….even if that country *is* the armpit of the western hemisphere. I want desperately to leave….I see so many things that really disgust me about this culture. Eh well….such is life. So yeah…I came back and got registered for a speech class…only to discover that I’m not a natural public speaker. Imagine that. Granted I’m sure this class will do alot to help me out with organizing my ideas for presentation and whatnot. Eh well….it’ll be over in two more weeks. Relatively quick and painless… a band-aid….or getting your bikini line waxed. Anyhow, I’ve just spent the entire weekend screwing around with friends! Yay! What a great way to spend a weekend! And to think….I had all these terrible notions of being productive. Bah…productivity is way over-rated. On Friday night I went out with my peeps, D.J., Quade, Bubs, and Justin. We had fun! I got my ass kicked at darts and foozeball but I still had fun…and isn’t that all that matters? I fell down, too…and I guess that was fun in and of it’s own right. (What’s so damn funny about falling down, anyway?) At any rate, I’m wearing my skinned and bruised knees like badges. It was lots of fun to laugh my humiliation off with my the *support* of my friends. (o)(o) I went to Wingers on Saturday for dinner with Danyelle, DJ, Bubs, and Quade….got my ass kicked at darts….loved every moment of it. Then I hung out with residents and later I hung out with Jason Kemp for a bit. Today I’ve been trying to be productive….I did some research and wrote a paper…I guess that’s something. That’s about all I’ve got to say, kids. Just….keep your nose clean and don’t let anyone give you any wooden nickles!