Writer’s block

Well…here I go with another attempt at beginning a journal. I’ve never done the online journal thing before. Eat your heart out Doogie Howser! Maybe this will be more successful than other’s that I’ve begun.

At any rate…today hasn’t really been the most eventful day in the world. What I did was waste alot of time….I’m good at that. At least I had alot of fun doing it! This journal is, in fact, yet another device with which I can waste time.

…..Ohmygosh….I’ve got writer’s block……..this is terrible. People don’t get writer’s block when they write in jounals! A jounal is a tool to organize one’s thoughts, process them, and ultimately become a better person for having done it. Maybe this just means I leave little or no room for improvement….or I’m just not capable of rational thought. At any rate…I think I should just leave well enough alone and end this entry while I’m ahead. I’d like to appologise to all who have had the misfortune of having read this. Maybe tomorrow’s entry will be better.

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